With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Lisa Scope has worked on both local and international award winning television programs. Her services as Location Manager have seen her attached to some of Australia’s most loved dramas including Packed to the Rafters, Love My Way and Rescue Special Ops requiring a large range of locations. In her capacity as Location Scout, Lisa has been requested by international producers for work on the reality television series America’s Next Top model, local programs including Puberty Blues and Bikie Wars as well as ongoing work on a variety of local telemovies, high end commercials, and the feature film Wolverine.

It is Lisa’s commitment to being able to extract the essence and feeling a location requires from a quality brief that has had her work with some of the best and most diversified directors and producers in the Industry.

‘I feel right at home working on locations. Everyday is a new day with a new place to discover! I don’t stop until every last stone is uncovered and I find that perfect place incorporating all those important production needs with access and feasibility.’

For more information on the projects Lisa has worked on, please see her Biography.